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“Doglio da Favola” The Family Theater!

DOGLIO THEATRE PRESENTS . . . “Doglio da Favola” The family theater season 2024-2025!

After the success of last year with over 3,500 spectators, returns the season dedicated to the families of Teatro Doglio signed Un Teatro da Favola, the company that with its interactive and immersive shows has revolutionized the world of theater for families beating every record of receipts and attendance in Rome and Milan.

Tuesday, May 14, officially opens the campaign subscriptions of Doglio da Favola, the season of theater for families 2024-2025 that will stage some protagonists of contemporary fantasy such as Frozen, Harry Potter, Super Mario and many others.

From Pietro Clementi’s pen come new exciting shows inspired by heroes of our time, made real by the irony, empathy and educational messages that characterize the theater of this innovative company. The next season will see the talents of Un Teatro da Favola perform with twelve performances at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan, nine in Rome between the Teatro Parioli and the Teatro Manzoni, five at the Teatro Doglio in Cagliari and one at the Teatro Celebrazioni in Bologna. A very important partnership that brings Cagliari in the circuit of the great Italian theater for children and that will see this year on stage in via Logudoro shows inspired by the mythical kingdom of Frozen, to the legendary Super Mario and the hilarious Kevin Mc Cullister of Mamma I missed the plane, while for next year are coming shows inspired by the masterpieces of Harry Potter and Oceania.

New this year: the subscription will give the public the opportunity to always have the same place for all shows, as well as ensuring a reduced rate compared to the purchase of individual tickets that will be available from September 25.

Subscriptions will be on sale in the Box Office Sardinia of Cagliari in Viale Regina Margherita 43.

For more information call 070 65 74 28 or write to


“FRRR… inside the kingdom of Ice”  Saturday 26 October 2024 at 18:00

Two sisters, one with magical powers, the other without, both in love with snowmen. Will young Anna be able to save the country of Arrendelle? A magical and immersive version with 3D special effects and live songs of one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time.

“MARIO” Saturday 16 November 2024 at 18:00

A plumber from Brooklyn and his beloved brother are catapulted into a magical world of mushrooms, giant turtles, vain gorillas and go-karts. A triumph of colors, joy and lots of imagination.

“MAMMA… L’AEREO!” Saturday 21 December 2024 at 18:00

What happens if an 8-year-old child is left alone in a giant villa on Christmas Eve? What if two funny and awkward thieves tried to rob her? A Christmas classic full of comedy and emotions.

“HARRY POTTER AND THE WIZARD SCHOOL” Saturday 1 February 2025 at 18:00

Fantastic adventures for fans of Harry, Hermione and Ron, discovering the stay of the bad uncle Vernon, the talking hat, the birth of the dark lord and the first lesson in magic, with an ending not to be missed.

“TRAVEL IN OCEANIA” Saturday, April 5, 2025 at 18:00
Vaiana, the daughter of the chieftain, will travel across the reef to save her people. She will be helped by an irresistible and awkward semi-god.