Sant’Efisio at Palazzo Doglio

Discover the celebration of Sant’Efisio, one of Sardinia’s most important festivals that touches the soul of anyone who is immersed […]

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BlueHFit at Palazzo Doglio

BlueHFit, a revolutionary technology that allows people to regain their fitness in a simple way and without undergoing restrictive diets arrived at Doglio Club!

Developed in tandem with slimming experts NeaFit and the Universities of Naples and Salerno, BlueHFit is an innovative Made in Italy machine that, thanks to the combination of two elements – blue light and heat – is able to stimulate the cells of the immune system spread in the dermis, exert an anti-inflammatory action, slow down cellular aging, and improve sebum regulatory activity resulting in the reduction of acne.

BlueHFit’s innovative technology targets women and men. Each session, tailored to each guest’s goals and under the supervision of a specialized technical staff, takes place inside a temperature-controlled capsule, bathed in blue light, where aerobic physical activity will be performed, by means of moderate resistance cycling. Inside the capsule, the hot air generator helps to spread heat optimally, promoting faster weight loss. At the same time, narrow-band blue rays irradiated from a predefined distance penetrate deeply, increasing tissue oxygenation for an anti-aging and anti-cellulite effect.

Results are visible already after the first session lasting 40 minutes, thanks to an effective combination of thermal cycling, irradiation and mild physical activity, which helps to reactivate metabolism. The ability to modulate the intensity and direction of the blue rays and the temperature of the capsule, allow to focus on areas to be stimulated more so as to promote localized weight loss.

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