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A new cultural space in the heart of Cagliari

A majestic, modern and minimalist environment. Nicknamed the “Hidden Theater” or “Concealed,” Teatro Doglio now represents an important meeting and cultural venue with an international scope.

Built in the 1960s in Cagliari’s historic center, after more than three decades the theater is revived and valuable thanks to the recent architectural and urban renovation project launched in 2020.

Located a few steps away from the refined Court of Palazzo Doglio, from which it acquires its name, the Doglio Theater presents itself as a new cultural space aimed at the redevelopment and rediscovery of one of Cagliari’s four historic districts.

The building’s façade echoes the modern style of the 1960s, the interior design is minimalist, modern and multifunctional; its original structure consists of two floors, stalls and gallery, and in plenary seating it can reach a capacity of 1,000 people.

After the inauguration that saw Giovanni Allevi as the godfather of the reopening, the theater now hosts a rich calendar of events ranging from theater and dance performances to in-depth talks and concerts featuring the big names in classical, jazz, and pop music with national and international partners.

Teatro Doglio is thus a lively and functional venue that, alongside the prestige and elegance of Palazzo Doglio, adds a valuable address to Cagliari’s cultural scene.



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