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Immerse yourself in the charm of Cagliari, a city that blends millennia of history with Mediterranean wonders. Choose Palazzo Doglio […]

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Beating heart of Palazzo Doglio

Splendid Liberty-style balconies and loggias, Art Nouveau-inspired friezes, an important entrance portal and a scenic fountain: in the evocative 2000 sqm internal Court, part of the building’s renovation project and inspired by historical Italian squares, you will be both actors and spectators of the thousand faces of Palazzo Doglio.


In the Court of Palazzo Doglio, a Cagliari Art Nouveau style meets fine materials and finishes and precious Carrara marble, giving rise to a peculiar synergy of elements, which becomes the emblem of the structure. A multi-purpose space and an exclusive location for hotel guests, but not only.


In fact, the Inner Court is both the beating heart of Palazzo Doglio and an important landmark for the city of Cagliari itself: a refined private space for public use that hosts four excellent restaurants, an elegant jewellery store, a multi-brand boutique and an exclusive spa.


A multi-purpose and multi-faceted environment with an exclusive character, combining precious and refined elements from previous eras, preserved, and enhanced with the building’s renovation project, and a variety of food proposals and gastronomic itineraries with starred chefs, live music, events and solidarity appointments that make the Court a meeting point in the city.