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Immerse yourself in the charm of Cagliari, a city that blends millennia of history with Mediterranean wonders. Choose Palazzo Doglio […]

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A new hospitality concept in the center of Cagliari

Palazzo Doglio, created with the ambition of enhancing the splendid building constructed in the mid-1920s and recovering its authentic spirit, is the expression of a new hospitality concept in the center of a historic district of Cagliari.


To the residential soul that inhabits it, to the haute cuisine to be experienced and to the incredible vitality that characterizes Corte Doglio is added a remarkable plus: the objective of enhancing the tourist offer of the city of Cagliari, a hidden Italian treasure that, in turn, conceals wonders to be rediscovered.


Indeed, a distinctive feature of the structure is the dialogue with the surrounding neighborhood that it aims to establish and take care of with meticulous attention. Palazzo Doglio is a virtuous example in which the initiative and vision of the private sector and the support of the local government come together for the creation and enhancement of a prestigious place at the service of the city and the territory.


Palazzo Doglio has therefore set itself the goal of urban redevelopment of this corner of Cagliari that stretches from Via Nuoro to the Parco delle Rimembranze, including places of considerable cultural interest such as Piazza San Cosimo, the early Christian Basilica of San Saturnino and Piazza Martiri delle Foibe.


An urban renaissance is ignited with the renovation and restoration of the historic building, restoring its façade, the splendor of the inner courtyard, the Liberty-style architectural elements, the imposing entrance portal, the scenic fountain and much more.


This considerable intervention is accompanied by the recovery of the nearby Theatre, disused for three decades, and the imminent project of a pedestrian linear square within which contemporary installations will come to life. The result will consist of an open-air art museum, enhanced by the lighting of the Corso and the section leading from the Palazzo to Piazza San Cosimo and the new paving that will enhance the space overlooked by the Basilica.


Thus, a continuously developing redevelopment project comes to life, testifying to the social involvement and interest of Palazzo Doglio.