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Immerse yourself in the charm of Cagliari, a city that blends millennia of history with Mediterranean wonders. Choose Palazzo Doglio […]

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The thousand souls of Palazzo Doglio

The prestige of Palazzo Doglio is also reflected in the food proposal, aimed at hotel guests, as well as the city of Cagliari. Elegant combinations of tradition and contemporary reinterpretations, glamorous aperitifs and signature cocktails in elegant and exclusive settings: this and much more among the dining proposals of Palazzo Doglio, which overlook the marvelous and multiform internal Court and the scenic fountain that adorns it.

Osteria del forte

Sardinia's most starred restaurant

Refined cuisine that revisits traditional Italian dishes in a modern key: this is the heart of the proposal of the Osteria del Forte, in the Court of Palazzo Doglio. An exclusive and innovative concept under the guidance of Executive Chef Alessandro Cocco, trained at the court of great chefs of the caliber of Heinz Beck and Gordon Ramsey and Alain Ducasse, and a lover of the best 0 km products.

American Bar

Cocktail bar of international standing

An elegant and sophisticated ambience enhanced by modern furnishings and design elements that highlight its unique and multifaceted character: in the morning a reference point for a typical Italian breakfast and in the evening an international cocktail bar.

The Court's other proposals

Encounters of flavors and cultures

A series of venues with flavors from the world complete the culinary offer of the Corte di Palazzo Doglio, for a taste explosion in contact with other culinary cultures, all to be discovered. Brazilian sushi, a fusion of colors and flavors, cocktail pairings, and contemporary pizza, with innovative reinterpretations and high-quality products. And more: flavors from Central and South American cultures and a place dedicated to pastry and light lunches for Palazzo Doglio guests and the city of Cagliari.


The encounter between two culinary cultures

Saudade is the encounter between two seemingly distant culinary cultures, with a fusion menu with an innovative character and an inimitable choice in which the extreme delicacy of Japanese flavors is linked to the colors and passion of Brazil, in a play of contamination and contrasts. A discovery for the palate.


Pizza and cocktails for an innovative match

Maiori bears witness to the encounter between top-quality products from the Campania and Sardinian traditions and new tastes. A contemporary pizza will be the result of this incredible-tasting match featuring the Italian dish par excellence. Under the skillful guidance of Chef Emanuele Riemma and under the guidance of Antonio Varotto, you will enjoy an innovative combination of pizza and cocktails that does not forget the scrupulous principles of mixology.


A colonial oasis in the heart of Cagliari

Coloniàl is another journey out of Italy, a warm and authentic place where you can breathe in the atmosphere and enjoy Central and South American flavors. A tropical paradise within the Court of Palazzo Doglio that offers its guests tapas and aperitifs between meat and fish, without renouncing culinary contaminations from other cultures of the world.

Pastry Bistrot Pirani

Taste and flavor in the atmospheric Doglio Court

Recently opened, Pasticceria Bistrot Pirani at Palazzo Doglio completes the food proposal and lends itself to exclusive light lunches or dinners in an evocative and lively Court. A pastry shop with incredible flavors for a sweet break overlooking the Court, admiring the details of a skillfully restored building, in continuous dialogue between past and present.