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Immerse yourself in the charm of Cagliari, a city that blends millennia of history with Mediterranean wonders. Choose Palazzo Doglio […]

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Euphoria Dinner Show

Palazzo Doglio is preparing to host an extraordinary event that will transport the public in a magical and vibrant world, where reality will merge with fantasy.

On 2 and 3 July, starting at 20:30, Corte Doglio will host a double appointment with the Euphoria Dinner Show, a unique evening inspired by the great London Dinner Show. Guests can book a show dinner with a menu designed specifically for the event, which will accompany them through this immersive experience that promises to enchant and involve everyone present.

Euphoria is a show that blends elements of rock, soul and funk with Latin pop, dance music and international pop. The program of the evening will cover iconic choreographies that have revolutionized the way dance has been integrated into pop performances, energy and charisma will be the real protagonists of four engaging and dynamic live performances.

With stars of the most important dance bodies on the national scene, such as Antonio Parisi from the original musical of Notre Dame, Arianna Capriotti from the musical Pretty Woman and the talented dancer of Amici Riccardo Guarnaccia, Palazzo Doglio offers an unforgettable evening in the Cagliari nightlife scene.

There will also be tributes to global musical icons with the choreography of Simone Pigliacelli, professional dancer known for his many television appearances (Sanremo, ..).

The show alternates on stage 15 talents among singers, musicians, dancers and even acrobats who defy gravity by performing routines choreographed surprisingly on iconic tracks. All while sitting in the heart of the action, in the elegant court of Palazzo Doglio, enjoying a dinner under the stars.

Sparkling choreographies and extraordinary costumes, inspired by London clubs, will offer the public a completely immersive experience that combines the great show with a gourmet dinner at the Osteria del Forte or da Maiori.

Proposal Osteria del Forte:
– Apericena at 45 euros with bubbles or 1 cocktail included (board + backsplash)
– Dinner at 65 euros with bubbles included (3 appetizers + first course + dessert)
Payment can be made through the voucher on the site, click here to access the voucher area 

Proposed by Maiori:
– Appetizer Neapolitan tartare tuna chips pizza sweet choice, 50 euros drinks excluded

More info:
Osteria del Forte: 0706464154
Maiori: 070 804 6520