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A new performance of the Christmas Gospel at Teatro Doglio!

After the sold-out show at 9 pm, another performance of the international Gospel at Teatro Doglio is scheduled for Sunday, December 17, at 6 pm.

Christmas is back with the international Gospel at Teatro Doglio!

The stage on Via Logudoro will host Wesley Semé, born in the Caribbean and adopted Parisian, who was a finalist in the French and Portuguese editions of the famous “The Voice.” He will perform with the BLACK SOUL GOSPEL CHOIR.

The ensemble consists of approximately 25 artists, including singers and musicians, who will take the audience on a great journey through the sounds of Gospel.

Wesley Semé’s voice and the music of the Black Soul Gospel Choir will make souls sing, engage, and dance the audience at Teatro Doglio. It will be impossible to remain seated!

Tickets are available online through Box Office Sardegna and at the sales point at Viale Regina Margherita, 43, in Cagliari. For any information and reservations, you can also contact the Box Office at the number 070657428.

For information, contact T. 07064640, or via email: